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Author Spotlights


Author Spotlight: K.J. Bishop

Molimus was a strong character in my mind, and he was telling me the story, so I tried to hear what he was saying. Then I pulled back and tweaked it, but not all that much.


Dual Voices: Jay Lake and Shannon Page

San Francisco is downright normal these days. Compared to the sixties anyway, or even the eighties. . . San Francisco has a whole lot of deep history for a place that’s only a century and a half old.


Author Spotlight: Nikki Alfar

What inspired your folk tale “Bearing Fruit”? This is actually from the notes I’ve written for my upcoming short story collection: I’m a folklore and fairy tale geek—not in any scholarly way or anything, but I’ve read lotsa shit from lotsa cultures, and it’s an abiding interest of mine. So one day, my friend Andrew […]


The Dragon is a Dragon: Sarah Monette

The other side of the story–Megan’s recovery from the dragon–comes from something I’ve realized recently is a theme in my work (and dude, you have no idea how weird it is to be saying that: “one of the principal thematic elements in Monette’s work is …”), namely what happens to heroes after they save the world.


Author Spotlight: Willow Fagan

I think that all stories are part of a long dialogue and, in certain ways, are responses to other, earlier stories. Metafiction just makes this conversational aspect explicit. Also, I know that my understanding of the world, especially when I was a child, was very much shaped by the stories that I read. I’m probably drawn to exploring this in fiction.


Author Spotlight: Carol Emshwiller

Also science fiction is a place where you get an answer within a reasonable time. I got tired of waiting a year or more for a rejection slip from a literary magazine. I got too old for that. I also like the science fiction world. I’ve known it since my husband was an illustrator. You get to know a whole batch of nice people.


Flying Off Into the Unknown: Eilis O’Neal

Some of the wings are just there to demonstrate the extent of Mr. Theodus’s collection. But some of them were chosen with certain themes or meanings behind them.


Author Spotlight: Claire Humphrey

This story was based on the very first such note: about twenty years ago, a friend of the family told me he’d eaten deadly nightshade, and I asked him what it was like, and wrote down the answer on a bit of envelope.


What Our Reflections Say: Angela Slatter

Angela Slatter is a Brisbane, Australia, writer of speculative fiction. Her short stories have appeared in anthologies such as Jack Dann’s Dreaming Again, Tartarus Press’ Strange Tales II, Twelfth Planet Press’ 2012, Dirk Flinthart’s Canterbury 2100, and in journals such as Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Shimmer, On Spec, and Doorways Magazine. Her work has had Honorable Mentions in the Datlow, Link, Grant Year’s […]


Writing by Numbers: Aidan Doyle

Obviously number theory and mathematics in general plays a large role in the construction of “Reading by Numbers.” What was your relationship with number theory before writing this piece? Were you familiar with the discipline or did you need to do research?