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You Must Not Be Afraid: Clarion West Anticipation

I’m not afraid to go there. This time fear works for me, not against me. My dreams and fears now stand arm in arm behind me, urging me to take that next step and the one after, to take chances, fail and pick myself up again, to explore the burnished recesses where focus and dedication forge talent into, well, who knows? Dreams. Fears. Fancies. I have six weeks to figure it out.


Where Will The Vampire Trend End Next?

We’ve gone from Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) to Edward (Ed the Sparkly), from Nosferatu to Sookie sucking. So where will the vampire trend go over the next 10 years? Here’s my best guess.


Steampunk Links for January 29, 2010

This week’s links includes steampunked cell phones, Abraham Lincoln, Neosteam, pictures of squids, French steampunk, H.G. Wells on Fritz Lang, raptor masks, and a steampunk superhero.


My Best Friend’s Girl

There. You summoned me and I came. No one twisted your arm. No one made you take your friend’s equipment. No one made you sign the contract with your blood.


The Confessions of Prince Charming

Once upon a time: My mama always told me to stay away from princesses, and I guess I should have listened and gone into the wizarding business, but there was an opening for princes when I graduated from charm school, and I didn’t know at the time that princesses came with the job . . .


Book Review: The Edge of the World, by Kevin J. Anderson

The novel is written in a style reminiscent of the more juvenile gateway fantasies of the 1980’s – like a David Eddings novel without the humor.


“Lost for Words” by Kenneth Yu: Winner of the 2009 Halloween Flash Contest

Congratulations to Kenneth Yu, our 2009 winner of the Halloween Flash Fiction Contest, and well done to Eden Robins and April Reyes for their talented, top three stories. Read Kenneth Yu’s winning short story below.   *** Lost for Words by Kenneth Yu When she was young, the words flowed freely, fearlessly, seemingly forming on their own […]


A Song to Greet the Sun

He used the natleoc, the stick of thorns covered in dust and spores above his doorway, for that was what the priests prescribed and he would have this done as the gods demanded. She did not cry when the sharp points broke her skin, and so he hit her a second time . . .


Vote on the Top Three 2009 Halloween Flash Fiction Stories

Everyone may participate, readers and contest participants, alike. One vote per person. Each poller chooses his or her top story, listed below in no particular order. The Poll at the bottom of this page is open until November 1st, 12:00 a.m. The top story’s author will be awarded $50.


In Dreams Tangible

Laurel wanders from place to place, scattering seeds of doubt wherever she goes. She makes people doubt the reality of the world, weaves illusions that have more depth than reality can ever have. She is a dream weaver . . .