From Modern Mythcraft to Magical Surrealism





Uncomfortable Realities: An Interview with Jesse Bullington

Jesse Bullington’s debut novel, The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart, has caused quite the ruckus in the world of literary reviewers. In this interview, we discuss just why this might be.


Outsiders and Others: An Interview with Garth Nix

This interview was conducted at World Fantasy 2009, in San Jose, California.


Ten Fantasy Movies that Deserve Remakes

Hollywood has a serious case of makeover mania, with adaptations of everything from Transformers to Wuthering Heights on the table. While studio execs are on the prowl for films to remake, I’d like to suggest some movies that could benefit from some updating, whose stories have more to tell, or who just plain deserve another chance.


The Hunt for Gollum

Some fans have taken it upon themselves to fill in the gaps in the story with their own film adaptation of the Heir of Isildur’s quest to find the creature Gollum.